“We still have a lot to do!”

It was my dear wife Anneke’s last statement a few days before she went to heaven to meet Jesus.

She said this in a conversation from her hospital bed with our daughter Amber while talking about opportunities to reach more people with the gospel.

That was typical Anneke, always believing that God would give her a second chance to serve Him again, but cancer had    eaten her body away.

  I know she is in a better place now, but I miss her comments, smiles, and great wisdom every day.

  We have been together for 56 years and shared a turbulent but blessed life.

  Our firstborn is mentally handicapped, and that was a difficult start.

After that, God gave us two more kids, a daughter, a son, and blessed us; on top of that, with three African kids, we could extend to our family. Anneke always called it our chocolate and vanilla family.

All in all, we experienced that God didn’t promise us a calm journey but has assured us of safe arrival and glorious welcome at the end of the trip. So will Anneke experience by now!

But we still have a lot to do!

We are a light in Kenya & Africa

And here we are again, two months later. I have been thanking God over the last months for your faith in our ministry. Although life has been challenging for most of us, you have been faithful in sponsoring our stations.

Your faithfulness has helped not only you but also many other people who felt covid 19 has changed their world.

We were sure about many things, and we've now realized that nothing is inevitable, and we are looking for answers. Looking for hope in God.

Shows like “JAM 316” and “PRAYER CIRCLE” and many more are giving us that hope we need.

Great changes are coming

It looks that a constant prayer has been answered, and one of the most popular pay channels in Kenya is taking Family TV onboard. Keep the first of May on your schedule!

In the coming week, I'll let you know in a new series of “Behind the Scenes” what you can expect! First, I need your help by sending me a list of 4 shows from our station that you do not like to miss (md@familymedia.tv). This will indicate what kind of shows you prefer, and we have to produce.

Jesus is coming back

I like to end with Anneke’s last words, “WE STILL HAVE A LOT TO DO,” and believe me, we can not do it without you.

This weekend we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He did it all.

What about us? What can we can do to  convince others about Jesus’ promises and His love for a world in need? Help us with your prayers and your sponsorship. Let’s change our faith into action...

I believe He is coming soon and “We still have a lot to do.”

Leo Slingerland