If you let God write your adventure, you will touch the world!

I will be 81 years old this month, and looking back over all these years, I can fully agree with this headline.

God wrote our adventure, not only mine but that of my whole family.

We are touching many lives and souls every day with the message of hope in Jesus Christ through the platforms of Family Media.

It all started 40 years ago when I arrived in Kenya with my family to create a new ministry, 3XM (more message in the media), an idea of my wife Anneke and me after listening to a song by Chuck Girard, “Harvest Time.”

It speaks about the harvest rotting on the fields by lack of labor to take it to the barn.

Then, we realized (1981) that the lack of content by the media in Africa could be an opportunity for the gospel to produce content with a Christian message. So we brought in a production studio for audio and TV productions.

And it did work. We produced radio and TV shows for stations in Africa.

In the meantime, we translated the film “The Life of Jesus” into thirteen different languages, including Swahili, and showed the film all over East Africa.

But the enemy didn’t like it. Finally, problems with the home base, which resulted in stopping the sponsorship, put us in a dilemma, but we decided to trust God to go on without a sponsor.

We did what the apostle Paul did, producing Christian content and doing commercial jobs to stay alive.

It took 18 years before God opened a new door, the start of our radio and TV stations, Family TV and Family FM.

And it looks like the rest is history!

Wrong, today’s history is that together with God and our partners, Family Media has become the miracle of Kenya. Twenty four hours a day, we keep Jesus on the airwaves on many platforms, TV, Radio and satellite, worldwide app, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

Over the last 22 years, we have seen tremendous growth, technically and in staff and reach and sponsorship of our partners in Kenya.

But there is so much more we like to do, and although I regret every day that Anneke, my late wife left us this year to be with Jesus, I also believe that our team now has a strong voice in heaven for the work we are doing.

We are almost writing 2022.

Covid 19, the elections, the environment, and much more are scary and are changing Kenya and the rest of the world. And most of the harvest is still rotting on the field. So taking it to the barn means teaching them about the Jesus of the Bible to save them.

We are fully ready to do so.

1.We are looking for more places to take our radio signal.

2. We are looking for possibilities to start Family Media in the whole of East Africa.

3. Since YouTube is an excellent success, we have decided from the 1st of January to employ new staff to develop an online Christian Newspaper on social media to give information and teach about Christian Lifestyle.

We believe that although I am not young anymore, we still have a lot to do. Luckily Family Media is not dependent on me or my age. Amber, my daughter, is running the company for more than 70%, and we have a senior staff that has been with us for the last 22 years.

We invest our lives in this ministry, and I trust that you will invest your money and your prayer time as part of us. Let’s double our efforts in 2022 before Jesus comes to save all the harvest.